Temple of the Glade Valley


This temple was built in 679 DR by the Ilmatari, devoted to the Crying God and dedicated to helping the sick, persecuted, and oppressed. The Ilmatari used this temple as a hospice for refugees suffering from plague that were driven from their homes in fear. Almost a town unto itself, the temple actually encompasses over 200 acres of land with over 20 linked and separate buildings.

In 1149 DR, the temple was secretly invaded by cultists of Loviatar, the goddess of agony. Masquerading as Ilmatari, they secretly poisoned the holy waters and practiced their dark arts. Between the defilement of the grounds and the damage to the temple’s reputation, the Ilmatari abandoned the temple.

The Temple remains a ruin, but for decades it has been a place of intrigue for the adventurous with rumors of undead and evil haunting its abandoned passages. Now, in the year 1489 DR, one brave group of adventurers decides to bring some light to the tales and determine what, if anything, has taken residence.

Temple of the Glade Valley

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